Be a Technology Savvy Mixed Media Artist

HeadshotOver and over again we hear from our loyal readers how they don’t want us to ever stop printing a paper version of our magazine. Well, we don’t want to stop that either. We hear you—we know you like to take your magazine to the doctor’s office, soccer practice, the beach, and even to a well-deserved bubble bath every now and again.

But, that doesn’t mean we aren’t going full steam ahead with all the bells and whistles that technology can bring us. With the arrival of the iPad and the flood of smart phones on the market, we know our readers are even more connected to each other than ever before.

As the voice of mixed-media art, we here at Cloth Paper Scissors want to help you learn, connect, and share through your art like never before.

Here are 5 ways we’re helping you be a tech savvy artist:

MayJune2010 Digital Subscriptions – Perhaps you live abroad and hate waiting for a paper copy to arrive or you are just more excited about reading your favorite magazine with working hyperlinks right on the page. With a digital subscription you can receive immediate delivery of each issue of the magazine. It’s also eco-friendly and affordable and allows you to zoom in and out on the text and photographs.

Workshop Downloads – For those who enjoy instant gratification (and who doesn’t?) you can download Cloth Paper Scissors Workshops and start learning right away. (Oh, and did I mention you’ll save $$$? Our Workshop downloads are $5 less than the traditional DVD format, and there’s no shipping costs!)

Online is a great resource for information. Stop by and chat in the forum, share photos of your art, read the editors’ blogs, upload pictures of your studio, download free stuff, shop the, and connect with other like-minded mixed-media artists.

Facebook – If you really enjoy the connectivity of social media then we bet you’re on Facebook. If so, look us up! We’re always chatting, looking for your input, sending you art prompts, or holding giveaways. You can “like” us at ClothPaperScissorsMag.

Twitter – If you’re super-connected you may enjoy getting our tweets! Feel free to follow us at CPSMagazine. We’re looking at rolling out other interesting Twitter campaigns, like tweet ups and more, and would love to have you participate in our little 140 character section of the world.

We’re continuously looking for new and exciting ways to meet, teach, inspire and well, just generally get to know you. The more we interact, the better we’re able to bring you that good old fashion paper magazine that you love to read every other month.

See you in the twittersphere!





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