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Don’t you love getting lost in a mixed-media project, so much that you lose track of time in that zone of happiness? That’s what happens when you dive into our Art Lessons and Lettering Lessons, monthly downloads that offer a deep exploration into a mixed-media technique or hand lettering style. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced artist, you need these in your life. Like, today.

If you love learning about new mixed-media techniques and finding lots of inspiration and ideas, Art Lessons are for you. If hand lettering is an integral part of your mixed-media art—or you want it to be—Lettering Lessons are a must. There’s a new tutorial in both categories every month, and you can start having fun and getting messy right after you download a lesson. Here’s how it works: Each lesson is just like a Cloth Paper Scissors magazine step-by-step project, but with extras: Almost every step has an accompanying photo, making it super easy to follow along. Plus, most of our lessons come with a companion video that shows one or more of the techniques in the lesson in real time. All you do is click on the link in the lesson and you can watch the video immediately. Lots of extra artwork samples in the lessons will spark additional ideas for your own pieces.

Become a more confident artist with our monthly Lettering and Art Lessons! Real and Implied Texture by Sandra Duran Wilson incorporates Tyvek to create a modern collage.

The theme for this year’s Art Lessons is Texture Adventures, and each lesson offers a unique take on adding visual or physical texture to mixed-media artwork. Here’s a rundown of some of the techniques covered in the lessons so far, and the fantastic artists who wrote them:

Here’s sample artwork from Katie Blaine’s Layering with Photo Transfers lesson, which shows you how to layer your own photo images and add mixed-media touches for punches of color, resulting in a fantastic piece:

Learn new ways to create photo transfers with Katie Blaine’s Art Lesson, Layering with Photo Transfers. (Art and photo by Katie Blaine.)

Can you stand it? In trying several of these techniques I have considerably ramped up my knowledge on creative techniques and materials.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the Lettering Lessons we’ve offered so far this year, with the theme of Lettering with Eclectic Style, and the contributing artists:

Here’s an example of Kari’s lettering that uses a Fine Line Pen to create lovely, colorful lettering. Never used a Fine Line Pen? Neither had I until I tried it and found how enjoyable it was, and what amazing results the pen produces. Having the photos and video to follow made it so easy!

Fine Line Pens are easy to work with and offer great results—Kari McKnight Holbrook shows you how in The Fine Line Painting Pen (Art and photo by Kari McKnight Holbrook.)

Hand lettering is one of the hottest trends in mixed-media art, and you’ll find no better place to learn a ton of styles than our Lettering Lessons. No calligraphy experience is necessary! Jodi Ohl’s fun techniques are built on your own handwriting, like her Cursive with Bold Color technique from Lettering Lessons Volume 4: Creative Cursive Hand Lettering. Can’t you just imagine adding this to your art journaling?

Letting your letters flow naturally is the key to creating unique styles; Jodi Ohl shows how in Creative Cursive Hand Lettering. (Art and photo by Jodi Ohl.)

When I tried Sandra Duran Wilson’s Venetian plaster technique from Art Lessons Volume 3: Venetian Plaster Party, I could not believe the results I got following her instructions. I loved the beginning of the lesson, where I learned how to blend fluid acrylic paints with water and alcohol to get a beautiful underpainting, which is created before applying the plaster. As I say in my blog post, I likely never would have discovered Venetian plaster had it not been for this lesson, and now it’s a staple in my art supplies.

Underpaintings are a key component of layered artwork, and Sandra Duran Wilson demonstrates how easy they are to create in Venetian Plaster Party. (Art and photo by Sandra Duran Wilson.)

Learning new techniques through these lessons is like having the artist right there with you, guiding and encouraging you. Being able to refer back to close-up photos or a video is key for ensuring great results. Our artists offer great tips, too, making sure every aspect is covered. Further along in Venetian Plaster Party, for example, Sandra shows how to paint fine shadows on stencil images to add dimension—a detail that adds so much to the piece.

Small details can mean big effects, like adding shadows to these stencil images. (Art and photo by Sandra Duran Wilson)

I also tried Kari McKnight Holbrook’s lettering technique of using arcs, waves, and undulating lines to create lettering on tags, and that was such a blast. What she uses as a template is brilliant, and this is truly a process that anyone can do. Add it to your art journaling, mail art, cards—with the holidays coming up, you are going to thank me for the heads up.

Using a template is great way to create undulating words; learn how in Waves, Undulations, and Arcs, by Kari McKnight Holbrook. (Art and photo by Kari McKnight Holbrook.)

A great way to discover past lessons is with our 12-month downloadable collections—that way you’ll have them all. When you add these to your mixed-media library you’ll never lack for fantastic ideas and the motivation to get started. These lessons have made me a much more confident artist, and let me tell you, that feeling is priceless. You know what I’m talking about. Give these lessons a try today and start achieving your creative goals!

The 2016 Art Lessons Collector’s Edition includes all 12 lessons in The Extra Touch Series. Learn how to add a book to a collage, use natural items for stamping, use fiber paste and paper clay, and much more!
Add beautiful lettering to your mixed-media art by learning an array of lettering styles using pens, markers, dip pens, brushes, and lots more in the 2015-2016 Collector’s Edition, Lettering with a Personal Touch.


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