Behind The Scenes at The Paper Art Photo Shoot



Sometimes what happens behind the scenes is not at all what we expect.



The photos we publish in Cloth Paper Scissors always look perfectly placed but the amount of behind-the-scenes effort that placement takes would amaze you. That is why I decided to sneak some behind-the-scenes shots when we were at the photo shoot for Paper Art Fall 2014, on newsstands August 5. Here is a peek at some of the art in the issue, AND what it is like to be behind the camera.













Wow! Those altered books are so perfectly placed! How do you hook it to the bookcase?



Why, a carton filled with cement of course!



As a lover of all things paper, I am obsessed with this issue. Projects include making altered books, creating unique paper lanterns for a party, molding paper pulp over a carved stamp, collage, bookmaking, and more. If you are like me and have a paper stash just waiting for the perfect project, or if you have a similar affinity for paper-based projects, you will love Paper Art.


It takes a lot of work to make a magazine perfect. It also takes a lot of fishing wire and cement, and moving cheese blocks around. What is something you wish you could see behind the scenes?


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