Big News for Studios Fans

linda blinn studioscate pratoGuess what? We have a new editor for our popular Studios magazine. Beginning with the Fall 2011 issue, being prepared now, author, mixed-media artist, and teacher Linda Blinn will take over the helm.

With my exciting new duties here as your not-so-humble editor of Cloth Paper Scissors Today, it was time to hand over the reins to another artful studio enthusiast, and I can think of no one better than Linda.

Linda should be no stranger to Cloth Paper Scissors followers. Her work has been featured in the magazine off and on since the third issue, beginning with a piece called "Time Travel," in which she told the story of her Aunt Apple's colorful life by collaging and embellishing her vintage luggage.

Linda's saucy prose and fearless collage style won me over right there, and I've been a fan of hers ever since. We finally met five years later, at the Cloth Paper Scissors CREATE retreat in Chicago last year, and had a blast. Although Linda is a west coast gal, she is a huge Red Sox fan, as am I, and we are both addicted to getting in the last witty word. As we worked together on the Summer 2011 issue of Studios, the hardest part was trying to stop laughing long enough to get the work done.

blinn studoioTo introduce you to Linda's studio style, I thought I'd share some pictures and Linda's insights from her own studio profile from the Fall 2008 issue of Studios.

Because all the furniture is so easy to move and rearrange, this studio functions as my personal retreat and workroom as well as a place to teach and spend time with friends and family. It is a cozy space to read, write, and work, then in about 30 minutes it is easily turned into a classroom.

One thing I know for sure: People love to hang out in art studios. I think it is because the space is unique it does not necessarily dictate any specific activity.

Perhaps it harkens back to our childhood play areas. If things are a bit, well, messy, all the better. Everyone soon relaxes and the whole milieu is conducive to good conversation and lots of laughter.

When I need solitude and tranquility my studio is a place to stop, think, and relax. In that context it is a sanctuary and retreat. At other times I am energized by the lively, noisy interaction with artists, friends, and family creating together. During these times the studio functions in an entirely different way. I even enjoy just walking through this space to get to another room.

It seems to whisper 'I'm here for you!'

Well, Linda is here for you, now, as the new mistress of Studios. She has some surprises up her sleeve and some very exciting plans.

Of course, we think the Summer 2011 issue of Studios is pretty great, too. We are featuring mother and daughter teams, expert advice on how to get your Etsy store and handmade goods noticed, decorating tips from a designer, instructions for making a paper floor treatment, and 30 fabulous studios to inspire you. You don't want to miss out, so pre-order you copy now!

P.S. What has been your favorite Studios feature or which artist's studio has been your favorite. And don't forget to tell us why! Leave a comment below.




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