Bracelets, Brooches, and Steampunk Clocks, Oh My

When teaching my classes at Art Retreats I try to plan the projects so that the students can go home and recreate the same project in their own kitchen. There is no need for the expense and fuss of elaborate tools and a big fancy studio. Many students who attend retreat classes are total newbies to assemblage art.

Scrappy Bits and Pieces Bracelet: leather tooling, metal work
and cold connections.

I'll be teaching a few classes at the upcoming CREATE Mixed-Media Retreat in Dallas Texas. One of the classes that I'm teaching is called "Scrappy Bits and Pieces Bracelet." In this workshop, you: learn to dye leather along with different ways to emboss their leather bands; gain several techniques to texturize metal; and learn five different cold connections. We work with regular paper crafting embossing machines, metal that can be purchased at local hardware stores, and bits and pieces that come from tin and metal scraps. Not only will you leave with an awesome bracelet that you design yourself, but you'll also have a wealth of knowledge to use in other creative projects at home.

Words From The Heart Brooch" texturizing metal, word stamping, and cold connections.

"Words From The Heart Brooch" is another class I'm teaching: This one is an action-packed workshop that focuses on metal-working. We'll go over several techniques to texturize metal, including metal etching. I'll also demonstrate word stamping into metal, along with several different cold connections. We cover a lot of information, which you'll be able to incorporate into other projects at home. You'll leave with a finished brooch displaying a special message that will be of your own design.

This and That Steampunk Clock: class picture from CREATE Mixed-Media Retreat, Chicago 2014

Last but not least, you won't want to miss "This And That Steampunk Clock." This is probably my favorite and most fun workshop to teach. In this class you'll learn to construct my personal design of a steampunk clock from precut wood gears. You'll use a special kit I've created by designed and cutting the gears to get you a few steps closer to the end result. Even though everyone's using a kit, I'm always amazed by the variety of clocks that come from these classes. Creativity is the key factor. We'll discuss balance and dimension along with the illusion of movement. Found objects are added for special interest. You'll leave with a completed steampunk clock of your own design.

I hope that if you've ever thought about going to an art retreat and were afraid that you weren't "experienced" enough, that this will change your mind. Not only is the knowledge you leave with fulfilling, but the friendships you gain at CREATE can last a lifetime. Newbies are amazing and, to me, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing others discover their own amazing hidden talent.


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