Catchy Candles: A New Doodle December Gift Tag Idea

Welcome to Week 2 of Doodle December! Each week I’m revealing a new gift tag that I’ve made, giving you the step-by-step breakdown and the resources to make your own. This week we'll use doodle patterns inspired by Kass Hall and her new DVD, Pattern Power: Doodles and Tangles to Enhance Your Art.

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How to Draw Tangled Art: Candles 

1. Use a ruler and a Micron pen of your choice (I used a size 08) to draw candles of varying widths and lengths on any color tag. Add a little flame to the top of each candle, and mark your “To:” and “From:” so that you remember which candles to leave blank. Then, start doodling!

2. Draw in the details for each candle, changing the patterns on each one so that they stand out from each other. You can use a marker, such as a black Sharpie, to fill in the bigger, empty spaces. Using a thick marker makes it go much quicker than using a fine tip. Save your Micron ink for the fine lines and details.

3. After you’ve drawn your patterns and colored them in, use a white gel pen to add little bright pops of detail as you like. Then use a pencil to draw fine graphite lines where you want to add shadows and use a tortillion to softly blend the graphite. Add a flourish of detail in the upper corners of the tags to balance the overall design.

Now that you know how to make this creative gift tag, take the final step and get the supplies that I used. The following resources will get you started:
Micron Zentangle Pens
Red, White, and Green Gift Tags
Pattern Power: Doodles and Tangles to Enhance Your Art

If you missed the Christmas tree gift tag lesson, click here and check it out. My hope is that these mini-lessons will inspire you to make some tags and put your own twist on them. Feel free to share what you come up with in our online gallery.

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