Celebrate art this holiday season

1234.8625_BDelaney_gif550x0_30ACA651[1]CSGS1003_001_HR[1].pdf Here at Cloth Paper Scissors, we are very excited about our premier issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts, and we know you will be, too.

From ornaments to garlands, from bags to special packaging ideas, and more gift ideas than you can shake a stick at, there is definitely something for everyone in Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts. But you know what makes this Gifts issue even more special? Every project can be adapted and made for any other occasion you have on your calendar. 

We're also super proud of the fact that so many of our projects use items, supplies, and tools that you probably already have lying around your studioeco and wallet friendly!

100812 Contact_Bits  
"Making the Most of Little Bits" by Michelle Spaw  

Jen Cushman’s one-of-a-kind package adornments would be perfect on a Mother’s Day gift. Michelle Spaw has wonderfully creative ideas for using up the small bits from other projects to add a little bling to your gift giving, and Barbe Saint John has jewelry ideas for your hair.

But that’s not all. Jennifer Frances Bitto tells you how to collect and personalize items for a really cool gift for anyone on your list, any time of year, and Greta Baack has a great idea for corralling all of those business cards in your wallet.

  “Paper Pockets” Eco-friendly holders by Greta Baack

Have you ever heard the expression “When all else fails, use duct tape”? That was kind of a joke back in my teaching days. Well Jodi Kahn took the message to heart and, with the help of some of our favorite artists: Alisa Burke, Dorit Elisha, Beryl Taylor, and Mary Beth Volpini, plain canvas was beautifully transformed and made into five durable art bags by Jodi. Just think about the expressive art you can use for your bags.

Lucky us…and lucky you!
Beryl Taylor gave her no-sew bag to us to offer to our readers. Tell me what you would do with a blank piece of canvas to create a no-sew bag. Leave a comment on our blog and we’ll randomly choose one of you to be the lucky winner of Beryl’s colorful bag.

100812 Contact_Taylor  
Colorful new-sew bags by Mary Beth Volpini (front) and Beryl Taylor.  

Whether you’re looking to make something for your home, a gift for that special someone, or for a new way to jazz up your gift wrapping, Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts will have you sprinting for your studio. Think take-out for dinner, and get going on your gift list. You’ll be happy you did.

Products to get you started

Here are five items that made it onto many of our Gifts artists' materials lists. Start here, add your own favorites, and get creating.


  • Tissue and/or patterned papers to add color and texture
  • Gel medium, great for sticking and layering
  • Wires, various weights and colors for connections or embellishing
  • Buttons, as decorative accents or shallow bezels
  • Craft knife, ruler, and cutting mat for clean consistent cuts

Have fun!

CONTEST UPDATE! Congratulations to Judysheart who had the randomly picked winning comment! Email jmason@interweave.com with your mailing address and we'll ship your prize out to you!




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