Celebrating our 10th Anniversary with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Cloth Paper Scissors, so we asked some of our regular contributors to write about their memories of the magazine and what it has meant to them. Mixed-media artist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shares her memories of Cloth Paper Scissors here. – Paige Martin

I pretty much blundered into Cloth Paper Scissors. I didn't know the term "mixed media" and I had never heard of the magazine. At that time I was just "making stuff." I didn't have a lot of resources and I was completely untrained, so I was simply grabbing whatever I had and putting it together to create art pieces.

Through a series of happy accidents (do I live under a lucky star or what?) I ended up on the set of Quilting Arts TV, filming a segment about one of my little projects. Pokey Bolton – who at that time was the host of Quilting Arts TV and the editor of both Quilting Arts Magazine and Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine – liked the project, and asked me if she could publish it in Cloth Paper Scissors. I was over the moon – even though I had never heard of the magazine – and immediately went out to buy a copy.

It was like meeting a long-lost friend. Cloth Paper Scissors was filled with art and artists and techniques that spoke to me. I subscribed immediately. Soon after, Pokey asked me to film a DVD with all of my "unique collage techniques." I practically laughed in her face. 



All I could think was, "I have techniques?"


Sure enough, I found myself filming my first DVD – Collage Fast & Furious – in the old basement film studio at Interweave. It was the beginning of what has been a wonderful partnership with the multi-talented folks at Cloth Paper Scissors. I am grateful beyond measure for the opportunities they have provided to me. As the magazine and the brand have grown,
so have I. I was definitely born under a lucky star.









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