Celebrating Our Contributors and Our 10th Anniversary

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Cloth Paper Scissors, we asked some of our regular contributors to write about working with the magazine and what that experience has meant to them. Artist Jacqueline Newbold shares her thoughts here.

~ Barb Delaney

Matthew McConaughey stared at me with his beautiful sea-blue eyes . . . 

I was standing in the grocery checkout line, and he was on the cover of People magazine. The headline read "10 Moments That Changed My Life" by Matthew McConaughey. 

It made me think about one of the moments that changed
my life . . .  

It was the day I finally had the courage to submit one of my watercolor travel journals to Cloth Paper Scissors. I wrote an article about creating art while traveling, carefully packed my journal in a box, and headed to the post office. I was just about to ship it out when I realized that I had not even put my name in my journal, so I quickly scribbled it on the inside cover. 



I felt naïve and inexperienced. The submission guidelines said that I would be contacted. That was in November of 2008. 

Several months went by with no word, and I was getting a little worried.  (Note to self: Should have bought the extra signature tracking.) 

I finally called Cloth Paper Scissors. My first thought was that they had lost my journal or just never received it. Then Pokey Bolton, magazine founder and editor, got on the line and told me I was in  the July/August issue. Happy Dance!

Since then, I have written many articles for Cloth Paper Scissors, taught at the CREATE art retreats, and have had the honor of meeting many of the wonderful people behind the scenes that give us this beautiful magazine. My experience with Cloth Paper Scissors has helped me grow as an artist. It has been fun and rewarding. My watercolor journals have been treated with love and respect, and they are always returned with care.

Making that leap of faith in sending off my journal was a life-changing moment in my artistic career. 

~ Jacqueline

** Art by Jacqueline Newbold




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