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The Artisan Search 2011 continues…

Looking to find new and exciting art and artists, Cloth Paper Scissors has challenged artists to send us their best art in one of five categories: Mixed-media Stitch, Art Journal and Book Making, Printmaking and Silk Screening, Mixed-media Jewelry, or Collage and Assemblage.

Artists are invited to upload low-resolution images of three different projects or pieces of art, along with two detail shots and a short description of their art piece to the Cloth Paper Scissors community. They have uploaded a wonderful assortment of art, including unique jewelry, colorful and creative collage, silkscreened art, fabric wall hangings, journal covers, and encaustic pieces.

Using everything from acrylic paints and rusty objects to Misyfuse, inks, vintage papers, and much, much more, artists have presented us with a true challenge. It will be a difficult task to choose our 2011 Artisans! Learn more about the Artisan Search 2011 at


Get inspired!

Cloth Paper Scissors has cast the net and the catch is plentiful. But that doesn’t mean the search is over. We want to see your art, too. So, set yourself up with lots of supplies and get creating. 
Here is a small selection of some of the great art that you can see in the Artisan Gallery

OVER-2   Seggebruch   Posted-by-Rowena09--2

Mary Ellen Kosner used ribbbons, rice papers, foils, fabric paints, and Mistyfuse to help create this wonderfully colorful collage.


  Using felt, fabric, paper, machine sewing, and beeswax, Patricia Seggebruch created a lovely mixed-media encaustic piece.   Rowena09 used paint, fabric, hand stitching, and machine appliqué to create a layered  and textural cover for a jewelry box.

We are excited to see so many new artists in the mix and such a great variety of art. We are also happy to see that some old friends have sent in some new art, too. If you’re intrigued by Patricia Seggebruch’s encaustic collage and want to give it a try, check out Amy Stoner’s new Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop DVD—“Encaustic Collage: Layers with beeswax.”

And don’t forget to take a look at all of the wonderful art in the Artisan Gallery. You can’t help but be inspired to create. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer.





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