Cloth Paper Scissors 10th Anniversary celebration continues . . .

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Cloth Paper Scissors, we asked some of our regular contributors to write about their recollections of working with the magazine, and what that experience has meant to them. Mixed-media artist Sue Pelletier shares her thoughts here. ~ Barb Delaney

I have always had a love-love relationship with Cloth Paper Scissors. Many years ago when I first saw the magazine, I opened it and thought, "There are people like me in the world: people who create art using pieces from their past . . . who nail old wood to their paintings and add plaster, fabric, and gel medium."

I come from a very traditional art background (if you can believe that). While raising my kids, I took a step back from creating for many years, and when I got back into art, I began experimenting. Then I did what you were not "supposed" to do: I sent photos of my new work to Cloth Paper Scissors . . . actual photos printed from the drugstore (in my defense this was MANY years ago). Much to my surprise, several days later I got a phone call from Pokey Bolton and she said, "I received your photos and I love your work . . . can you tell me what your story is?"

I remember thinking, "What is my story?" 



Over the years my story has had twists and turns, ups and downs, but after my first article was published with Cloth Paper Scissors, I realized that there was a magical mixed-media world out there, and I have never looked back.

I have been thrilled to have my artwork on the cover of Cloth Paper Scissors three times! I would be lying if I told you when my work was on the cover I did not do some magazine shuffling at Barnes and Noble so that issue was front and center. I have taught at Cloth Paper Scissors CREATE Mixed-Media retreats, and I had a blast meeting and teaching with woman from all over the country.

Through my work at CPS I was able to connect with Interweave Press and have done two Workshop DVDs on painting. My first book is coming out in May 2015 with Interweave: Mixed-Media Play Date: Create, Laugh, Paint.

Cloth Paper Scissors began a journey for me that I never could have imagined, connecting me with like-minded artists, students, and, well, people who get the fact that you save old pieces of burlap because you just never know if you may need them . . .

So I say, create; believe in yourself as an artist; and send in jpegs of your work (not photos) to the magazine. Share your art with the world.

Thank you Cloth Paper Scissors and the CPS team. It has been a wild artistic ride!



* Artwork by Sue Pelletier (two of her covers)




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