Collage Prompts Your Muse Can Use

A lot of people find summer to be a relaxing and carefree time. Not me. I find the lack of structurewith no school and people around me going on vacationdisrupts my creative flow. Sometimes it's just too hot to think of an idea for a collagelet alone a sewing or screen printing project.

"On the Street Where You Live" collage
by Jenn Mason.

But then I get annoyed with myself for not creating anything. I know if I just get started, I'll be able to create and I'll be a happier person.

This year, I have a plan.

First, I'm going to make a portable kit of collage essentials. This will include:

Second, I'm going to use collage prompts to get me going.

One of my favorite places to make art, especially in the summer, is my front porch. Plus, I love to create house-themed art. So I'm going to use the prompts Jenn Mason recommended for the On Street Where You Live Challenge.

1. Use a copyright-free map image as the base for your collage.

2. Print up an online map of your house. Trace and cut out the shapes of the streets for an abstract collage.

3. Use pages from an old address book to build up a house portrait.

4. Sketch out the floor plan of your house and use it as an image transfer.

5. Make a photo collage of the street you grew up on.

6. Try making a mixed-media piece using only the numbers of the addresses that you lived at.

7. Capture your street during your favorite season and turn this into a collage.

8. Create an assemblage with items found on the street where you live.

9. Make a Edward Hopper-inspired version of you home with collage elements.

10. Channel Joseph Cornell and create a house in a box.

I feel more creative already! Now where's my lemonade?

You can find more collage inspiration, ideas, how-to Workshop videos, and supplies in the Cloth Paper Scissors Shop.

P.S. What is your favorite collage prompt? Share with the community in the space below.


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