Seeing Stars: A Quick Color Tip For Painting the Night Sky

What do you think of when you ponder the color blue? It’s often associated with a comforting feeling of security or loyalty, a bright summer day or starry night sky, and of course, vital water. It even symbolizes knowledge and wisdom.

Gina Lee Kim, who calls herself a “watercolorist who fell in love with mixed media and art journaling,” has combined her talent and knowledge to share with you The Versatility of Blue—her newest Cloth Paper Scissors Art Lesson. She adds, “In each exclusive lesson, I share with my students how I use watercolor with mixed media: ink, colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels, glass bead gel, paint pen markers, transparencies, collage, a bit of sewing…you name it.” Watch a short intro to this newest lesson–you’ll love Gina’s personality and her painting style!

watercolor techniques for mixed-media art
watercolor painting techniques with the color blue
“To make stars, splatter or flick a paint brush
loaded with white gouache on a dark watercolor
background,” Gina says.

“This month is all about the color blue,” says Gina. “Blue is an essential part of a watercolorist’s palette. It evokes such descriptive imagery within our language: baby blue, sky blue, cerulean, cyan, ultramarine, aquamarine, cobalt, sapphire, azure, Mediterranean blue, ice-blue, peacock blue … So, it wasn’t difficult to incorporate such a beautiful, symbolic color into an Art Lesson.

“A calming color, blue is an important hue for mixing violets and greens. The color range for blue can go from a blue-violet, such as ultramarine violet, to a blue-green like turquoise. In February’s Art Lesson Volume 2, The Versatility of Blue, we explore just how rich and adaptable blue is to fit our mixed-media needs. With each added layer of paint, we take a single wash of blue and turn it into a stunning seascape with a dramatic evening sky, unveiling heavenly stars and a sailboat to carry our dreams.”

I can’t get enough of Gina’s Art Lessons. In fact, it’s a little difficult not to put down my computer right now and get out my watercolors. If you’re ready to learn new tips and get a dose of inspiration, download The Versatility of Blue here, and start having fun with your art journal.

Stay tuned–Gina has two more Art Lessons coming up for March and April. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Wishing you starry skies,

Gina Lee Kim lives north of Chicago with her scientist/photographer husband, Jim, and their solar system-obsessed preschooler, Stephen. Gina’s extremely happy that their child will inherit all of his Mommy’s art supplies. Please enjoy this short intro to Art Lesson Volume 2: The Versatility of Blue:



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