Confessions of a Marker Junkie

Claudia Moody-Jones is a member of the Cloth Paper Scissors community. Her work recently came to my attention on our website, and I think you'll see why. Claudia uses alcohol markers (in addition to other media) to draw captivating designs on her origami art. I was lucky to be able to chat with Claudia about her art making. Read all about it below.

Kaili's Window by Claudia Moody-Jones

CH: How long have you been creating art, and how did you begin?
CMJ: I've been creating art since I was a child. As an adult, I studied art in college and have a BA in fine arts from UCLA. I was an elementary school teacher for almost 30 years, during which I continued to create art. Recently retired, I now pursue my art full time.

CH: From where do you gather your inspiration?
CMJ: I'm inspired by a variety of things, including music, poetry, nature, textiles, folk art, math, and patterns, which I find everywhere. I used to make quilts and I now use some of those patterns in my art pieces.

CH: What surface and media do you use for your art? Please tell me a little about your process.
CMJ: I generally use heavy-weight watercolor paper for most of my work, especially for my origami folded substrates. I also use it for most of my flat pieces as well, but I keep a variety of substrates on hand, including cardboard, canvas, wood, and even fabric on hand. I'm relatively new to alcohol markers, but I must say I love markers and I have a large collection. My main medium has been markers, along with inks, watercolor, and acrylics.

Blue Heart by Claudia Moody Jones

CH: Time to ‘fess up! Can you tell me any confessions regarding your art? (They don't have to be incriminating.)
CMJ: This may get me into a bit of trouble. I sometimes buy art supplies before some of my other basic needs. In fact, I'll borrow from the food budget to get new art supplies. Another confession is that I'll try to get to the UPS guy before he rings the doorbell so my husband won't know that I'm getting yet another delivery from the art supply store. Last confession: I will get up in the middle of the night to work on art pieces.

Although some of these art confessions may get Claudia into a little bit of hot water, I'd like to thank her for contributing to today's blog. I'd also like to let you know about a brand new Art Lesson from Jane "Danger" Davenport on using alcohol markers. Jane shares this tip for those new to the medium: "Markers can create gorgeous subtle blends. To blend, select two or three colors that are similar, each darker than the next, and layer the colors, starting with the lightest color. Markers will look streaky at first, but let them settle into the marker paper. Layer them with more ink, and they will soften and bleed out into soft tones." Click here to download Art Lesson 5, and share you own art confessions with us in the comments section below!

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