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If you’ve visited a botanical garden, a conservatory, or even an expansive garden at a friend’s home, you know that nature provides so many types of flowers that we could never get bored admiring them. The color combinations and geometrical patterns of flora are astonishing. So why, then, would we take it upon ourselves to create paper flowers? Because art imitates life, and because we can!

In Paperie: 100 Creative Papercraft Ideas, Kirsty Neale celebrates paper decorations, including how to make paper flowers. Here’s a sneak peek at just one of the projects she provides. But I wouldn’t stop here—get your copy so you can use the cut-out sheets of easy-fold boxes and banner cards included in the book, as well as templates, to make your crafting more convenient.

Kirsty’s tip for making paper flowers: “Standard
printer or copier paper is the perfect weight for
making these paper flowers. Try printing blocks
of your chosen shade on both sides of a sheet to
make custom-colored petals.” Click here to pin this
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How to Make Paper Flowers:
Blossoms and Branch

by Kirsty Neale

You’ll need: Thin paper (two or three pale shades, plus navy blue or black); PVA glue; cocktail stick; small branch or twig; washi or masking tape; white acrylic paint; small paintbrush; needle and thread; small scissors

1. For each blossom, cut four identical flowers using a template. Spread glue over the center of one flower and press a second down on top, so the petals sit over the gaps between the petals of the flower below. Repeat with the second pair of flowers.

2. Take one of the pairs and gently pull the petals from the bottom flower up through the gaps in the top flower. Then, pull the petals from the top flower down through the gaps in the bottom one. Roll each petal around a cocktail stick, so it curls up and in towards the center.

3. Repeat with the second pair of flowers, but this time curl the bottom layer of petals down. Spread glue over the center and stick the first pair of flowers on top of the second. Make a selection of flowers in a mixture of colors and sizes.

4. Wrap narrow strips of tape around the bottom part(s) of the twig. Brush one or two coats of white paint in between the layers, creating stripes, and then carefully peel off the tape. Use a needle and thread to attach each flower to the twig (as if you were sewing on a button).

5. Use the scissors to trim a fringe in the dark-colored paper. Make perpendicular cuts across the fringe with the same scissors to create a pile of tiny square-shaped pieces. Squeeze a fairly thick layer of PVA into the centre of each flower, sprinkle the paper pieces on top and press down gently. Allow the glue to dry. Shake off any excess pieces. ~K.N.

Aren’t Kirsty’s paper flowers chic? I love the cool, contemporary look that the branches and vase add to the overall appearance. Try this project today, and order your copy of Paperie for 99 more fun paper projects.

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