Cool product alert: Dura-lar

2311.headshotjan2011_thumb6_thumb_09FF14F7Have you heard about Dura-Lar® by Grafix®? I just came across their contest and thought I should share this cool Acetate alternative.

I don’t even think I can wrap my mind around all of the things a mixed-media artist could use this for. It doesn’t tear, absorb moisture or discolor with age. I think I’m most excited to try using Grafix’s Matte Dura-Lar. This particular film has a matte translucent drawing surface on two sides. The film will also accept lead, ink, and colored pencil. You can even erase on it. (or would that be off it?) Couldn’t you just imagine a cool journal with see through pages, where one drawing blends into the next one? How very cool!

If you’re up for a challenge and interested in entering their contest (the prize is $300 cash and $200 in more cool products!) check out the rules here!

Or check out their way-cool gallery here first for some mixed-media inspiration.

0020.image_45625B0AOr kick back and relax and watch this how-to video from Dick Blick on making kinetic sculptures with the Dura-lar! (Click on the picture to watch.)

So, give it a try! Go ahead and enter their contest, and feel free to send us any cool techniques YOU discover when using this cool product…your idea might just make a perfect article!







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