CPS 10th Anniversary Kit: The 20-minute journal

You really can make this journal/sketchbook in 20 minutesit comes together quickly, and pretty much everything you need to make it can be found in the Cloth Paper Scissors limited edition 10th anniversary kit. The Cloth Paper Scissors team made sure to include our favorite components in this kit, adding items that should be in every mixed-media artist's stash.

OK, there's one caveat: the resin-filled bezel takes several hours to harden. But other than that, all the other steps are fast. I like showing people how to make quick books like this because it takes the intimidation out of bookbinding, and you can have a custom sketchbook in less than an hour.

Let's get started. I cut a piece of vintage ledger paper to the size of the bezel and adhered it to the inside with glue stick, then let it dry. I mixed the ICE Resin according to instructions and poured it in. If you've never worked with ICE Resin, you're in for a treat. It's so easy to use and gives such amazing results that you'll want to cover everything in resin.

I set the bezel aside to dry in a level, dust-free (and cat hair-free) area and worked on the book.

I pulled 12 pages out of the Strathmore visual journal and trimmed off the spiral binding bits. From one extra page I trimmed a piece to the height of the other pages, and 4" wide. I folded it in half, then tore pieces of paper from the Black Ink decorative paper pack. I love this collection of handmade paper in rich shades of red and gold-it's so versatile, and can be used for collage, books, jewelry…anything. I glued the torn pieces with Golden gel medium, overlapping them and going off the edge of the paper. Don't over-think this partthe randomness of the papers is what gives it its beauty. 

When the entire paper was covered, I flipped it over and trimmed the excess along the edge with scissors. 

For the cover, I took one sheet of paper and stenciled the burst design, using the turquoise PanPastels. But I only stenciled part of the design-that's the beauty of stencils. You can use the entire image, or just parts. I glued the gold triangles to the corners.

I wrapped the now-dry collaged paper around the 12 sheets on one short side, and punched two holes about 3" apart. I threaded a piece of the sari yarn through the holes and tied a bow. When the resin bezel dried it was added to the tie.

I cut another piece of gold paper, wrote "Notes" with a calligraphy pen, and I was done! I can't wait to start using it, and I'm thinking of making a few more for quick holiday gifts.

The kit makes a great gift too, for you or for an artist friend or family member. When you get the kit, I'd love to see what you're inspired to make, so be sure to post it on our Share Your Art page! ~ Jeannine








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