Craft Room Style: Paint a Pretty Rug

Here's a quick and easy idea for an art studio floor covering: Paint a rug.

You can see a glimse of the painted
lace rug in Thespoena's art studio.

Painting a rug (or a random design) on your home studio floor s quick, easy, and artful. Once the floor is finished and dry, you can clean it up with a broom and mop and never worry about stepping on a needle stuck in the carpeting or retrieving beads out of the fibers again.

The painted rug shown here is from the art studio of Thespoena McLaughlin, whose studio was featured in the Spring 2012 issue of Studios magazine.

Here are her steps:

Painting a Rug

1. Sand, prime, and paint the floor with exterior porch and floor paint.

2. Apply a light coat of spray adhesive to the back of an old lace tablecloth and place it (glue-side down) on the floor where you want the "carpet."

3. Spray over the tablecloth with the can of paint and allow the paint to dry.

painted lace studio rug
The finished painted lace rug.

4. Remove the tablecloth and brush the surface with wood stain, wiping off the excess as you go. Allow the stain to dry. (The stain will provide an aged look.)

5. Apply a coat of polyurethane.

That's it!

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P.S. What's on your studio floor? Why is that the right choice for you? Leave your comment below.




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