Create Collage Letters with this Hand-Lettering Technique

Cloth Paper Scissors’ Lettering Lessons feature a variety of lettering techniques, using all kinds of pens, markers, paints, and more. The new Lettering Lesson from Mandy Russell has you delving into your paper stash for this special hand-lettering technique. Lettering is one of my favorite things to do, so here I go again. This technique takes hand lettering to a whole new level.

Collage papers and Mandy’s simple templates come together to allow you to create unique lowercase letters. I cut out the provided templates from cardstock and traced them onto some distressed pages from a music book. Mandy suggested brushing the edges of the cut pieces on an inkpad to make them stand out. I used a turquoise inkpad, which looked great against the light-brown coloring of the letters.

After painting a light wash on watercolor paper, I arranged the shapes to build the word “sing.” I was skeptical about getting these shapes to work, but amazed and happy when they came together for every letter. I added green collage paper wherever the pieces met, as Mandy suggest in the lesson.

Some trimming here and there makes the pieces line up perfectly, but leaving them untrimmed creates interesting results.

Once the letters were adhered to the background, I added other collage papers around the word with tissue paper (a favorite for collage, because the edges disappear) and related words cut from a magazine. I also added a little journaling with a green gel pen, using phrases that came to mind as I worked.

Using a variety of hand-lettering techniques within a piece adds interest.

It was great fun manipulating the pieces and building letters from the simple shapes, but there was more to discover! I chose to take it further with Mandy’s collaged uppercase letters technique.

This technique starts with a sketch of a simple letter. I chose an A and wrote it in pencil. Again diving into my paper stash, I chose a map that had been printed over with a variety of paint colors, several decorative papers, and more text from the music book. Using matte medium, I started adhering the papers to the letter A, continuing until the letter was complete. To finish, more small collage papers were added here and there throughout the letter to tie it all together.

Even if you don’t generally like your hand lettering, you can’t go wrong with collaged letters.

As cool as it looked now, there was more to come. With inspiration from Mandy’s hand lettering in this lesson, I added doodles and decorative lines using a white gel pen. I was amazed at the transformation. I love the look of this letter, and I can imagine lots of uses for this fun hand-lettering technique.

This hand-lettering technique offers plenty of options for embellishing basic letters.

Mandy’s Lettering Lesson also features a hand-lettering technique using resist that produces a unique floating effect with collage. Take your hand lettering in a new direction with these collage techniques. This Lettering Lesson offers so many creative options, you’ll look at hand lettering and your paper stash in a whole new way.

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