Create Handmade Books with Fabric & Paper

Handmade book spread, using fabric and paper.
By Ro Bruhn.

cate pratoAs I write this, the Cloth Paper Scissors team has the July/August issue just about sewn up. "Sewn up" is the appropriate term, too, as the theme of the issue is fabric. But of course, this being Cloth Paper Scissors, we're not just talking about sewing. Or even just fabric.

The simply amazing results of the fabric swap exchange, art journaling on canvas, how to make fabric out of plastic bags, and how to make wearable art cuffs are just a few of the fabric-related articles that are coming up in this issue, and I can't wait to try every one. (In fact, I've already started on those cuffs.)

High on my list of must-dos is how to make a book with paper and fabric, by Ro Bruhn. This kind of project plays right into the hands of my stash of obsessively collected bits of unusual fabrics, fabric doodads (like interesting labels), and beautiful papers. Not to mention my desire to sew in low doses.

Most importantly, I've discovered that one of my favorite pastimes is simply petting and gazing at my fiber, papers, and found objects. So, what a great idea to put them in book form: like an art journal gallery.

Three handmade book signatures and
a fabric wrap cover.

Here are some of Ro's tips on ways to incorporate unusual bits into your fabric and paper book pages.

  • Use a thin disposable plastic or paper plate as a paint palette when you're decorating your papers. When you've finished painting, the center of the plate can be cut into a variety of colorful shapes and stitched to your pages.
  • Cut bands of fabric from old shirts, leaving the buttons on. They make a nice addition when stitched down the side(s) of your fabric pages.
  • Stitch interesting clothing labels onto your pages.
  • Select a few paint swatches from the store in colors that coordinate with your fabrics, and stitch them as tabs to the edge of your pages.
  • Attach yarn between some of the fabric pieces using a zigzag stitch.

Can't wait to make one of these books? Neither can I. Did you know that with a digital subscription to Cloth Paper Scissors you can download each issue to your Mac, PC, iPad, or Android device as soon as they become available? They're the same as the print version, in full color, and full of creative fun.

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