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Barb DelaneyThe Disintegration Collaboration (fondly known as the DisCo Project) was inspired by Seth Apter’s captivation with the effects of time and nature on various materials. Seth finds vintage books, metals, and old and distressed buildings and billboards quite fascinating and came up with an idea to collaborate with Nature to create new materials and then new art.


Seth assembled a “bundle” of dictionary pages, painted them loosely with gesso, tied the bundle with twine, and hung it outside on his New York City balcony. He watched it for four months, through all kinds of weather, and then went on to create a new art book with the resulting “weathered” supplies.


Seth later invited his artist friends to do the same, resulting in 123 artists creating their own bundles and exposing them to the elements. The bundles were assembled using everything from book pages, ribbons, and fabrics, to sticks, metal keys, and clips. Many artists also added paints, powders, and inks to the package to see what effect Nature would have on them…and as a result, on the other package materials.

In the May/June issue of Cloth Paper Scissors we invited our readers to take Seth’s lead and create bundles of their own and then share them on the Cloth Paper Scissors online community. DisCo project 1

Jessica Loughrey’s package is bright and colorful, promising some  
interesting materials for a future art project.


disco_jpg. 2Prismtrail’s” bundles went along for the ride. Now that’s a creative approach to “weathering”…



Take a look at one of the finished art projects (below) that we were lucky to have shared on the community by “alteredbits.”



If you ever feel like you need new materials, or are just bored with the ones you’ve been using, maybe now is the time to join Seth and our other creative friends and create something new with the help of Mother Nature.

Happy creating,




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