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“I Ran Out of Coasters”  

Headshot What would you call it?

You’ll never guess what this is! Would you believe that it’s an eco-friendly, wall-mountable electric space heater? This is a piece that I painted for a feature in Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Winter 2010 issue. I actually had the opportunity to paint two separate space heaters, which allowed me to really experiment with the surfaces.

These space heaters are advertised as paintable, but I’m pretty sure that the manufacturer thought consumers would paint them to match their walls—but not me!

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  Mutual admiration

Art Heated Up

My first electric heater was painted as a portrait of my little Puerto Rican rescue pup Bindi. Bindi loves living with us, but doesn’t like the New England chill. You can always find her sitting way too close to the little floor heater in my studio. (I think she is pretending to be basking in the Puerto Rican sun.) In this photo Bindi is checking out her likeness with a little apprehension, but once it’s mounted and plugged in, I know that heater Bindi and real Bindi will be best friends.

Close-up detail  

The second heater I painted was very graphic. I used the bottoms of bottles and jars to help me print this. When my husband entered my studio he laughed and said, “What do you call this piece? ‘I Ran Out of Coasters?’”

Ha! Ha! Actually, he really loved the piece and hoped that he would end up with it in his home office where he also suffers the cold New England winters. Alas, I have another idea in mind for this graphically designed heater that I know you’re going to love—a giveaway!

The Giveaway

Leave a comment here on the blog by Nov. 15 telling me know what you would paint on your own heater to be entered to win “I Ran Out of Coasters.” A winner will be picked randomly from all of the comments, and posted as an update to this blog.

To find out more about these heaters and other great art studio ideas, pick up a copy of the Winter issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios today!



CONTEST UPDATE! Congratulations to Annie122 who won our contest! Please send your address to me at and we'll ship out your Eco-heater!




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