Days of Doodles: A Curvy Pattern and an Intricate Elephant

In my hands is the premiere issue of Zen Doodle Workshop magazine. It’s so full of cool artwork–and the instructions for making it–that I’m having a hard time putting it down. I started to dogear pages, but stopped when I realized that the entire issue would end up with folded corners. I reminded myself that it was mine, all mine, and that I can come back to it any day of the week to practice the step-by-steps or harvest ideas for my next art journal page.

Drawing by Barbara Simon Sartain ( 

Take Barbara Simon Sartain’s doodled elephant (above), featured along with the artist’s instructions on how to make a similar piece of art using her drawing techniques. I can’t decide which I like better: looking at it from afar and appreciating the mammal itself, or letting my eyes drift within the patterns and lines.

Barbara also includes specific doodle patterns that you can incorporate into your drawing, such as a curvy block pattern.

In this issue, you’ll learn how to make a mandala, add dimension and shading to doodles, and much more, not to mention an article I wrote about how to draw a doodled landscape. I hope you like it!

Of course, the excitement doesn’t stop there. As part of the celebration of this premiere issue, the Interweave store is offering a Days of Doodles: Zen Coloring Kit. In addition to Zen Doodle Workshop, you’ll receive the Zen Doodle Coloring Book (more on this tomorrow, when I announce a special contest!), and the creamy earth tone collection of five markers from Chameleon Color Tones.

My art journal page, inspired by designs
and lessons from Zen Doodle Workshop.
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Recently, I drew a design in my art journal (shown here), using guidance and inspiration from Zen Doodle Workshop, and then added color with the Chameleon earth tones, which allow you to shade as you draw. One of my favorite things about using this set is I knew that I couldn’t go wrong when choosing the next color. They’re all gorgeous, and they complement one another beautifully.

Happy doodling!


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