Design Your Own Mixed-Media Art and Fiber Retreat

If you've ever been to an art retreat, you know how nourishing it can be. There you are, with a bunch of other artists at different levels, learning from the instructor, each other, and yourself.

Mixed-media fiber art by Natalya Aikens, from
Texture Transformation on Craft Daily.

My only regret about these mixed-media art events is that there is only so much time (and money), and therefore I have to limit my class selections. During the breaks, I love peeking in on the other classrooms to see what the artists are up to and get a few ideas.

Often, I'm surprised at what I see in the classrooms. Sometimes what's happening is not at all what I expected when reading the catalogue. Other times, I find that a technique I thought I had no interest in learning actually looks very intriguing. "Next time!" I think.

Then there are all those teachers whose classes I'd love to take-but they fill up before I have a chance to register. Grrr…

Recently, though, I've found a way around many of these frustrations. While there is no substitute for being in a live class, the next best thing is a subscription to Craft Daily. For a monthly fee that is a fraction of the cost of just one live workshop, you get unlimited access to full-length workshop tutorials taught by experts on art journaling, collage, jewelry making, quilting, needlework and fiber arts, beading, sewing, and mixed-media art.

Craft Daily is as convenient as it is economical: you can watch these workshop videos any time you want, as much as you want, for the length of your subscription. Feel free to dabble! If you've always wanted to learn soldering and jewelry making, you can watch a full-length tutorial and see if you like it before investing in the tools. If stenciling, painting, and printing on fabric intrigues you, learn from Judy Coates Perez, Pokey Bolton, Jane LaFazio, Linda Blinn, and more. New tutorials are added all the time.

I'm partial to all fabric-related art forms, so I hang out mostly in the mixed-media, quilting, and sewing sections. I love having so many experts to consult any time of the day or night.

Natalya compares how two dryer sheets, one pre-treated
and one not, accept the printed image during Texture Transformation, now on Craft Daily.

One of my favorite workshops is Texture Transformation with Natalya Aikens. I watch it over and over again and always learn something new. Sometimes I focus on how Natalya uses found "fibers" to create artwork. Sometimes I practice my hand stitching along with her. What most fascinates me, though, is her process for preparing and printing images on used dryer sheets. It's a fiber art, printing, collage, and hand-stitching workshop all in one.

That's just one example. What I love best about Craft Daily is that anytime I want to experience an art retreat, I can do it, just by opening my computer and pulling out my supplies. Check out the preview for Texture Transformation, "peek" into the other "classrooms" on the site, and start designing your own personalized art retreat on Craft Daily today.

P.S. In what art form or technique would you most like to take a workshop and why? Leave your comment below.




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