Did someone say handmade books?

Whenever I see or hear "handmade books," I am intrigued. It isn't just that I love to make books myself, but I also love to see what others have created. This is probably why the "Books R Us" episode of The Mixed-Media Workshop TV is one of my favorites. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Jenn Mason made some really interesting projects that made my behind-the-scenes work on the video difficult to do because of my excitement.



Even if you aren't deeply immersed in the book arts, you have probably dabbled in mixed-media handmade books or eyed a project here and there. I have found myself more and more intrigued with books that use upcycled materials, such as old, tattered books. Julie caught my attention in "Books R Us" when she made a cool book using resin-coated book pages. Wait, what? I can reinforce book pages with resin? My mind is still whirling with ways to use this technique in my next bookbinding project.


The other interesting part of Julie's resin-coated book page project was the material she used for her quick-and-easy method of assembling the book: washi tape. I love intricate bookbinding projects, but I also love the satisfaction of being able to make a book quickly. This could also be why I love using a simple pamphlet stitch. (Look out for an episode in season 2 of The Mixed-Media Workshop on Craft Daily where I demonstrate the pamphlet stitch!)










What other projects are in the "Books R Us" episode? Jenn demonstrates how to use elastic to create a book with changeable signatures and shares three ways to use an awl, my favorite of which is to make hanging art easier. Absolutely love it!



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