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My middle name is Dawn. It represents the sunrise, and my earth element of fire. My mother gave me this name to me because I came into the world in the early morning. I take it seriously. And so when I learn that someone has "Danger" as a middle name, even if it's a nickname, I have to ask why, especially when that someone is a gentle, ladybug-loving, journaling artist like Jane Davenport (as opposed to a high-risk stuntman). Her answer was every bit as interesting as I hoped, as you'll see here:

Detail of watercolor marker lesson with Jane Davenport

"‘Danger' was bestowed upon me during a workshop trip to Portugal with Teesha and Tracy Moore," says Davenport. "There are a couple of different versions to the story (that's how you know it's a good story, right?! [Click here to Tweet this!]), but the way I remember it is that someone facetiously asked if I was famous, so I cheekily answered, ‘That's just my middle name; Danger is my first name.' Tracy picked up on it straight away, and the name stuck and has been with me ever since. I love being called Danger as it always makes me remember that trip and has me smiling!

"My online students will tell you the Danger part comes out around art suppliesI'm a self-declared art supply addict and that's a very contagious condition! I have an insatiable curiosity with trying every art supply and then pushing them to their limits, just to see what they can do and what they'll mix with.

"But then my Escape Artist Retreat attendees would tell you the Danger part comes out when I push them into their own unchartered creative territory. I feel workshops are the perfect place to help artists stretch their boundaries because your mentor is right there to lean on. I love going to workshops myself, as they allow you to momentarily step into another artist's shoes."

How fun is that? I love that Jane had not just one, but three stories about her nickname. Her Art Lessons are just as playful and personal as Davenport herself. Check out Art Lesson 4, featuring how to use watercolor markers to draw a delightful set of birds. Davenport is based in Australia, and occasionally makes it to the U.S. to teach (such as in this coming May)the next best thing is spending a day engrossed in one of her lovely Art Lessons with her engaging video tutorial. It's like hanging out with Danger herself!

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