Digital Magazine Collections and Zombies

To go digital or not to go digital—that’s the question readers of Cloth Paper Scissors at some point ask themselves. I know that most of you hang onto the print edition of the magazine, and I’m the same way. Even before I became part of the Cloth Paper Scissors family, I kept every single back issue, easily accessing them when I needed some inspiration. But there are good reasons why you should have both print and digital magazine collections of Cloth Paper Scissors and special issues. And the first has to do with zombies.

In the event of a zombie attack—or worse, a zombie apocalypse—are you going to be able to grab those back issues and make a run for it? Probably not. A stack of CDs is much lighter. And if you have downloads, just grab your laptop, tablet, or phone and scoot like the dickens so you can outrun those pesky undead. Easy peasy!

All six issues of Cloth Paper Scissors from 2016 are included in this collection. Do you know where all six of your copies are right now? Mmm-hmm.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider adding digital collections to your mixed-media library:

1. You can access copies on the go. Whether you’re sipping a café au lait on the Champs Elysee or chugging a Pumpkin Spice Latte at the neighborhood Starbucks in your yoga pants, it’s nice to relax with a magazine. With digital magazine collections you can scroll through issue after issue, choosing the projects you want to try. As you read over the materials list you can order supplies online right then and there. Does life get any better than that? Maybe, if you had a chocolate croissant. And a couple of cake pops. And possibly a blueberry muffin. But I don’t speak from experience.

Crystal Neubauer shares the secrets of successful collage in the May/June 2016 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, included in the 2016 Collection. (Art and photo by Crystal Neubauer.)

2. Never worry about spillage. You’re trying an art journal technique from Pages magazine and you’re wrist-deep in collage ephemera, fluid and heavy-body acrylic paint, matte medium, watercolor, spray inks, acrylic inks, crackle medium, and glitter. Suddenly, you knock over the paintbrush jar filled with water, which lands on your open copy of Pages. Do you weep? Yes. Great, heaving sobs. Now imagine that you’re looking at that article on your tablet, which is safely propped up on a cute tablet stand. The paint water never touches it. You laugh and grab a paper towel. Because life is full of funny adventures.

Digital magazine collections make sense, especially if you’re missing some key special issues. Pages and pages of great book and art journaling projects can be found in the Pages Volume 1-4 Collection.

3. Neither a borrower nor a lender be, because that never ends well. It’s your get-together night with your art friends, and you’ve brought along your copy of Zen Doodle Workshop because you’re leading the group in a fun project from the issue. But when Carol lays her eyes on that magazine, you know she’s going to ask to borrow it. And as much as you like Carol, she’s going to have to pry it out of your cold, dead hands. If you had digital magazine collections on your laptop, she wouldn’t ask to borrow that issue, there would be no awkward excuses, and you and Carol would still be friends. Most likely.

Did you miss this great project from “Doodled Graffiti Journal” by Ingrid Dijkers in the Spring 2016 issue of Zen Doodle Workshop? What are you waiting for? Get the entire four-issue Zen Doodle Workshop Collection! (Art by Ingrid Dijkers, photo by Sharon White Photography)

4. Digital magazine collections are pet proof. I love my cats very much, but they have these things called “claws” and “fangs.” Not sure if you’ve heard of them, but they’re super sharp and plentiful. Said pointy accessories tend to be utilized when said cats want attention, which is pretty much whenever you’re busy. “Oh, are you reading that magazine? That looks interesting, may I just have a loo”—SCRAAAAAAATCH!!! SHHHHHREDDDDDD!!! RIIIIIIIIP!!! Bye-bye, Paper Art, it was so nice knowing you. Now, had you been looking at that magazine on your laptop or mobile device, you and Mr. Kitty could have snuggled up together, and you could have explained how to make molded paper using hand-carved linoleum blocks, furthering his artistic education.

Calling all paper lovers! Satisfy your love of paper with this Paper Lovers Collection that includes two issues of Pages, plus I {Heart} Paper and Paper Art.

Convinced? I thought so. Our CD and downloadable digital magazine collections are incredibly practical, and they’re just a click away. Collections are easy to navigate and you can print any article that interests you. Get those special issues you’ve been missing. Oh, and tell your friends about these collections, too, so they’re prepared for the zombie apocalypse. They’ll appreciate the heads up.

Read and enjoy all six issues of Cloth Paper Scissors from 2015, just as they were published in print, in the 2015 Collection!



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