DIY Mixed-Media Resin Bangles



The Cloth Paper Scissors team only creates special kits for our store if that kit is something we would want to make ourselves. So we always try the kits ourselves to make sure they are really worth your while! The DIY Holiday Bangle Kit is no different.



The team spent an afternoon finding objects and pouring resin to test this awesome kit. The original project by Heidi Boyd, featured in DIY Holiday, gives step-by-step instructions for perfect resin bangles.




We learned a few tips while using this kit that we want to share with you, and then we hope you will share what YOU make!


Tip #1: As many found objects/inclusions may be light and therefore likely to float in the resin, it is important to partially fill the mold, and then allow the resin to partially set up. This will give those pesky floating objects an anchor. 



Tip #2: Always measure the resin parts carefully to make sure it is the proper mixture.




Tip #3: If the object you are placing in the resin has been dyed, keep in mind that the color may bleed. This can look very cool, though!





Tip #4: You don't HAVE to fill the mold completely! Try making thinner bracelets by pouring less resin.













Tip #5: Definitely don't skip filing the resin bangle after it has cured. It really does make a world of difference!



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