Dog vs. Cat – A Handmade Toy Debate

Dog vs. Cat handmade toy debate

A debate as old as time: fancy feline or darling doggy? It’s about as polarizing a debate as any. When it comes to our four-legged family members we sit firmly in our opinions, but what if we introduce something handmade to the equation. Does that change the scenario?

Enter the Zoo Crew toy animal debate.

Among the adorable creatures featured in this pin loom project eBook, there are two that I just cannot decide between. Will it be the cat or the dog? Floppy ears and a charming eyespot are points for the dog, but those whiskers and playful tail are all cat points.

Alas, there’s not a clear winner so what else might help us decide? Maybe their sweet personalities will help sway our vote.

Pin Loom Weaving Patterns - Cat Side View

Animal: Cat

Name: Ginger Felis

Nickname: Ginny

Occupation: Baker, specializing in cakes & cookies

Hobby: Soccer

Story: Ginger is a sweetheart with a massive sweet tooth! Though she likes all kinds of spicy foods, her favorites are spice cake and ginger snaps. She’s a little fiery, as most redheads tend to be, but she loves to bake for others. She is outgoing and playful and enjoys sports involving balls, especially soccer. She likes to play with her friends best of all.

Pin Loom Weaving Patterns - view of dog pattern

Animal: Dog

Name: Howlard Barker

Nickname: Old Blue or Shiner

Occupation: Private eye/tracker

Hobby: Stargazing

Story: Even though Old Blue is just a puppy, he has an old soul. He enjoys spending time with others, young and old. He has a good sniffer and excels at tracking things down. No case is too big or too small for Howlard. He enjoys gazing at the stars and can name quite a few constellations. He especially enjoys nights with a full moon. Spending the night howling is his favorite pastime.

Are you convinced which one is the best yet?

If not, perhaps these in-progress pictures from the eBook will help level the playing field one final time:

In progress cat pin loom weaving pattern.
In progress dog pin loom weaving pattern

Zoo Crew - Pin Loom Weaving Patterns eBookGood thing they’re so cute when they’re finished!

Fun and games aside, we’d love to hear which animal gets your vote! Be sure to share your pick in the comments.

If you want to join me in these fun pin loom weaving patterns, be sure to grab a copy of the Zoo Crew eBook in our shop. Or, if you need to get the loom as well check out this pin loom collection for a great deal.

And, on second thought, maybe I’ll just make the penguin.

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