Hot Tip: How to Draw a Dot

We talk about lines, design, and color quite a bit, but there’s a mark-making element that deserves some attention: the humble dot. It’s easy to assume that dots deserve little attention, but today I invite you to take a new look at this essential mark.

I often use a fine-tipped pen to add dots to my doodle art–it’s a great way to fill in white space while incorporating minute details. (Little-known secret: I also enjoy drawing henna tattoos, in which dots are a must!) Without further ado, here are my tips for drawing dots.

How to draw a dot - Happy April Fool's Day!

Step 1. Begin by creating the right atmosphere. Light some incense, have bright but calming light, and choose your favorite music to listen to. This last part is essential! I prefer to stream music from the internet so I’m not disrupted by commercials or CD changes.

How to draw a dot - Happy April Fool's Day!

Step 2. Stretch your hands. For this step, you can simply roll your hands in circles from the wrists, but don’t be tempted by the atmosphere to do a full yoga session. You have art to make, after all.

Step 3. Pick up your drawing tool and remove the cap if applicable. Get ready to draw–here’s where the fun begins!

Step 4. Experiment with placing the point of your tool onto your preferred surface. I like to use a pen to draw on paper, but the sky’s the limit! Use whatever writing tool you prefer. Add your own flavor as you draw the dot: play around with the amount of pressure you use with the drawing tool, the size of the dot, and maybe even the shape of it.

Step 5. When you’re ready, add dots to give a flourish to a variety of elements in your drawing.

Today’s drawing lesson is sponsored by April Fool’s Day. I hope you found delight with us today, and always!

Wishing you endless smiles,


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