Easy Altered Metal: Mixed-media tutorial

Headshot I love interesting metal but I don’t necessarily like new and shiny, or for that matter, new and dull. Sometimes I want it scratchy, other times I want it to be another color. Today, I thought I’d share a video tutorial for altering your metal doo-dads. In this video I’m altering Arte Metal from Vintaj® using Adirondack® Inks from the Nature Walk collection.


In just three easy steps I’ll show you how to take a purchased metal embellishment and customize it to work with any piece of art.

Altering your Metal

Step 1. Sand your metal.

Step 2. Paint your metal.

Step 3. Ink your metal.

Sounds way too easy, doesn’t it? Just watch the video on the left and you’ll see how simple it really is. You can use this basic technique to alter other purchased items made from plastic, wood, and of course metal. I also enjoy altering small found objects like washers, knobs, and other little goodies. Just remember to protect your work surface and have all your supplies handy. You might also like to keep a couple different grits of sandpaper. A finer grit will give you and all-over sanded surface while a coarser grit will give you deeper grooves and scratches.

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Happy Altering!



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