Easy Decorative Paper Garlands

When you want to create a festive atmosphere, you can't go wrong with paper. Paper is readily available and you can cut, fold, punch, color, or twist it into just about any shape. From paper flowers to folded sculpture, creative paper crafts are accessible and economical.

easy decorative paper garland
Punch, glue, hang: Making a decorative
paper garland couldn't be easier.

Flipping through (OK, devouring) our new publication I Heart Paper, I couldn't wait to make a paper art project. Inspired by the paper garlands featured in the magazine, I grabbed an Imaginisce® paper punch and my stash of decorative papers in fall colors, I went to work.

All I did was punch out the paper and glue the decorative circles back-to-back onto thin twine with regular gel medium, alternating the pattern combinations (the decorative paper was double-sided).

If you don't have a punch, you can make a template in a shape you like (such as circles or stars) and cut a stack of shapes at once using a sharp pair of scissors.

I'm imagining shapes cut out of lined notebook paper for back-to-school, sheet music at the holidays, maps for a bon voyage celebration, or old book pages for graduation.

paper punch and covered brads
Leave a comment for a chance to win the i-top, paper punch, and blanks from Imaginisce.

You can add more life to the party by turning your punched paper into pin-back buttons or decorative brads using the i-top®, also from Imaginisce. The i-top transforms an everyday brad or button blank into a custom accent in an easy two-step process. All you need is paper, a blank, and a little squeeze. The i-top comes equipped to make 16mm and 22mm brads.

To celebrate I Heart Paper, I'm giving away an i-top, paper punch, and a stash of blanks to one extremely lucky commenter. Just tell me your favorite creative paper art craft, and I'll pick a winner next Tuesday, August 13, 2013.

For ideas for creative paper projects, get your copy of I Heart Paper now.

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