Easy Handmade Spring Spruce-ups

cate pratohandmade fiber artIt's spring, time for nesting. Coincidentally, our staff has just moved into a new office space. We have a bit more elbow room here and, being a creative bunch, we all immediately began feathering our little corner of the nest right along with the robins outside out windows.

Not surprisingly, a lot of people have brought in artwork to brighten their area. A favorite piece by a friend or family member (especially kids' artwork) is typical.

Cloth Paper Scissors Editor Jenn Mason has passed her artistic genes on to both her young daughters, so we're treated to an ever-changing display of their work (they have mad gelatin printing skills).

Jenn herself likes to decorate her space with a cheerful green color that's so associated with her, around the office we refer to it as "Jenn Green."

handmade fiber artAnother green fanatic is Assistant Editor for Special Projects Lindsey Murray. But Lindsey's green touches usually come in the shape of a frog, her favorite animal. She has a frog calendar, too.

Managing Editor Helen Gregory brought in an homage to her late mother's award-winning weaving skills.

Assistant Editor Barbara Delaney is justifiably proud of the little fabric bird she made recently, so she perched it on top of her shelf along with a personalized, handmade mug.

I like to start over in a new space, so I'm looking to make something new, though I'm not sure whether it should be purely decorative or useful, too. To get some ideas, I've been flipping through the special spring and summer magazine issues that have landed on my desk.

beaded pillowIn the Spring 2010 issue of Stitch I spied this easy beaded pillow that I just love. It would be great in a side chair or as back support while I type. This is one of those projects that looks difficult but isn't really: my favorite kind.

For wall art, I'd really like to try to make a piece of graphic art like Linda Blinn's. Linda shows how to turn hand-cut stencils, paper, and fabric into beautiful contemporary artwork in her video, "Make it Graphic: Stencils, Silhouettes, & Moreblinn stencil art." With her combination of graffiti, spray painting, and stenciling techniques, I could make a piece that was elegant or grungy.

I wouldn't mind hanging a welcome sign like this one by Holly Stinnett to identify my workspace. You have to work in a creative environment for decor like this, but if you had a studio like Holly's, featured in the Spring 2010 issue of Studios, being creative would not be a problem!

It's no wonder I haven't personalized my space yet: there are so many fun and clever projects to choose from in these special issues! I just can't decide. If you're looking to freshen up your nest (be it home, office, or studio) you can't go wrong with one of our special issues or video workshops to help you create something unique.

These and hundreds of other products are all 40 percent off during or Spring Cleaning sale, so you have no excuse not to feather your nest with something handmade!




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