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I love to embrace the found object. My little girls know this so well they are always bringing me things on their walk home from school. What I haven’t focused on lately, in my art, is using found objects as the tools and not just the subject matter of my art. That is, until I read The Found Object in Textile Art by Cas Holmes. Besides being terribly creative, using found objects as tools in your art is also wonderfully eco-friendly.

I specifically love Cas’s chapter: Some simple print methods. Oh sure, printmaking can be highly intensive, costly and complex, but not in this chapter! Cas suggests using leftover and found items like textured wallpapers, fabrics, and natural materials. Another idea that I love and can’t wait to use is machine and hand stitching onto plastic sheeting to make a low relief, flexible printing surface.

Want more cool ideas for Found-object Printmaking? Check out these examples.

Easy Monoprinting

  1. Tape plastic sheeting to your work surface.
  2. Make marks on the surface with paint and found drawing tools like sticks, sponges, etc.
  3. Place a piece of paper on the marked surface, rub firmly and pull the paper up to reveal your print.

Stencil Printing

  1. Place a leaf over your work.
  2. Use a stiff brush or a sponge to apply paint around the leaf.
  3. Remove the leaf to reveal the negative shape.

Quick Collagraphic Printing

  1. Cover a piece of wood or firm cardboard with double-sided carpet tape.
  2. Attach flat objects (like plastic foam and found objects) to the the taped surface.
  3. Cover the surface with the painting medium of your choice.
  4. Press a piece of paper over the painted printing plate (use a rolling pin for increased pressure!).

Are you inspired? All that info is from just two pages of The Found Object in Textile Art! Can you imagine what great ideas you could get from the other 126 pages?

Do you have a favorite printing technique? Share it here in the comments section! We can’t wait to hear your creative ideas.





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