Easy Image Transfer Tutorial to Start the New Year!

Headshot Happy New Year! Are you ready for a fantastic New Year filled with art making? I sure am. We’ve got great art coming your way in every issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, from January all the way through December. This year will bring art journaling, collage, bookmaking, assemblage, painting, surface design, and so much more.

We have lots of great reader challenges planned, and will be announcing the 2nd Artisans Search (which, with a few changes, will be international!) in March.

Let’s start the year off with a bang—and a quick tutorial. I encourage you to give it a try today! And stay tuned for a great 2011!

Carbon Copy Image Transfer


  • Carbon copy (or laser printed) image
  • Matte medium
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper towel
  • Bone folder (or a spoon)
  • Squirt bottle with water
  • Painted surface


Image Transfer 1 Image Transfer 2
1. Tear the copy to the desired size and paint an even layer of matte medium on the front of the image. 2. Place the wet image face down on the painted surface. Make sure you don’t get any matte medium on the back side of the copy.
Image Transfer 3 Image Transfer 4
3. Burnish the copy to the painted surface with a bone folder or the back a spoon and let it dry. 4. Spray the back of the paper with water until it is fully wet.
Image Transfer 5 Image Transfer 6
5. Start rubbing the paper so that the paper fibers start pulling up. 6. Keep rubbing! You can start to see the image revealing itself.
Image Transfer 7 Image Transfer 8
7. When the paper gets too dry, give it another spray or two of water. 8. Let the surface dry. The image will be cloudy where the paper is still present.
Image Transfer 9
9. Squirt with more water and remove the last traces of paper.


So easy, right? I like to do this with a really large photo copy on the back of a collage and then build up the layers with other paint and paper. It really helps to tie a piece all together.

If you want to see this technique on video, it appears on the Mixed-Media Medley Workshop which you can buy as a DVD, or enjoy right away when you purchase the download version. I hope you’ll take a moment to subscribe or renew your subscription so you don’t miss anything that the Cloth Paper Scissor team and I have put together for you in 2011!

New Year Wishes,



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