Easy Mini Paper Houses

Headshot I love Back-to-school time. For me it signals the coming of winter and the season of giving. I like to enjoy the winter holidays which means being prepared early with gifts (and baking!). By this time of year, I’ve given up on my annuals and I’m letting my perennials fend for themselves in the garden—no “helicopter” plant parenting here. Now I start to think of my skeins of yarn and unfinished crochet projects, interior home projects, and, of course, making gifts. This is why I’m especially excited by the fact that Quilting Arts Gifts is ready for me to get a little studio session underway.

Candy Glendening’s mod house. My slightly larger house.

I really liked the Mod House article by Candy Glendening and thought it would be fun to work up a paper version of her cute little houses.

As some of you may know, I live in a barn. Ok, not really a barn but a carriage house. It was built in the 1850s and we did a full gut renovation three years ago. I love our house. It has bright green (faux) barn doors on the front and is by far my biggest—and most impressive art project.

I’ve started commissioning little versions of my house from artists I admire. Candy’s article inspired me do a little self-commission of my own. I’ve included the instructions for a simple paper house that measures approximately 2" square. If you’d like to try Candy’s fabric houses, make sure you check out Quilting Arts Gifts 2010-2011!

house-templates   1. Use the patterns from Quilting Arts Gifts or make your own simplified version of your house. I cut these out of cardstock but you could also use a manila folder. Label your pieces to keep them organized.
house-templates-on-paper   2. Use a glue stick to glue your pieces to bits of text. I used paper left over from a project I created for CPS Gifts.
house-templates-with-mitered-corners   3. Cut out around your pieces leaving little mitered tabs on each edge.
house-templates-folded-over   4. Use the glue stick along the mitered tabs and fold them forward. Place them under a weight to dry if necessary.
house-glued-together   5. Cut out small strips of paper to make hinges for your house. I used a paper that was slightly darker in color. Let the hinges dry fully before folding the house. Glue the roof pieces together the same way. I used tape inside the house to hold the roof onto the house.

  The final snowy treasure!

I love my little house and I think I might try to make a larger version of it with my kiddos, complete with cut glass glitter, tinted windows, and a flameless candle! If you give either Candy’s or my house a try, we’d love to see a picture! Let us know in the comment section and upload a photo to the gallery with a “mini house” tag.




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