Easy Way to Keep Creative Ideas Nearby



I love design boards. Plain and simple. I just don’t have the room for one. I know, sad. This does not stop me from saving little bits and scraps, and mini art-in-progress pieces, though. But where to store them all?

This vintage-style receipt holder by 7gypsies came across my desk when we were working on the new Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts magazine and I just had to give it a try.

It’s fairly compact size will allow me to easily find a hanging space in my studio, (and my office!). The spring loaded clips (which, by the way, made it look like a super mouse trap before I added my little bits) are easy to open, so I can change my idea board whenever I need to take something out, or add a little something in.


There are so many ways to use this vintage receipt holder.

  • Use it like an idea board like I did, which means it’s always changeable.
  • Glue down family photos for a memory board.
  • Add fabric swatches and ribbon bits for future sewing projects.
  • Make it a task board with your to-do lists and sticky notes.
  • Display your holiday cards on it.

I’m definitely going to need another one of these board for my office to keep the lovely postcards, artist trading cards, and whatnots that are sent my way. For my idea board, I added bits and pieces of the things that make my heart sing. Here is my list:

  • Book title page
  • Key hole
  • Gelatin printed library pocket
  • Baking soda collectable bird card
  • Ledger paper
  • Stencils
  • Background papers from one of my recent classes
  • Millinery flowers
  • Photographs
  • Key with tag
  • Fabric swatches
  • Fabric trim
  • Vintage tape measure
  • Magnetic clip




    What would you add? Leave your comment here by October 11th and you’ll be entered to win a “little bits” package from my studio to start your own idea board! I can’t wait to see all the ideas that you come up with.



    CONTEST UPDATE! Quiltstoo@2 is the winner of the "little bits" package. Email your address to Jmason@interweave.com and we'll send your package out!




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