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Headshot I was recently alerted to a local encaustic conference by Amy Stoner, one of our new DVD artists. In the spirit of an industrious beat reporter, I made the trek up to Beverly, MA for the fourth annual Encaustic Painting Conference and spent some time with Amy talking about her new DVD, Encaustic Collage: Layers with Beeswax. Take a look at my video chat on location.

Encaustic Collage: Layers with Beeswax (Pre-Order) cloth paper scissorsEncaustic arts continue to intrigue me and after chatting  with Amy, I’m counting the days until her DVD is available. She immediately made me feel less intimidated by the supplies and the different approaches and I’m confident that with her DVD playing on my computer in the studio I’ll be able to finally make the leap into encaustics.

Sometimes that’s just what you need—a little voice inside your head, or in this case, inside your computer DVD drive, telling you that you CAN do it!

encaustic-in-process Amy-Stoner-Picture-for-DVD-workshop encaustic-supplies
Encaustic Collage
in progress
Encaustic Artist
Amy Stoner
Encaustic Supplies

And remember, you still have time to register for the CREATE with Cloth Paper Scissors Art Retreat, August 25-29 in Rosemont, IL. Classes are filling up quickly and some are already sold out! Whether you attend our retreat or try out a DVD—I hope you’ll all take some time this summer to learn something new. Go ahead, treat yourself.

Want to share your plans for learning? Leave your comments here and maybe you’ll inspire a fellow artist to try something new!

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