Essential Bookbinding Tools for Beginners and Beyond

When you have the right tools, you can create just about anything. That fact applies to mixed-media art techniques such as bookbinding as much as just about anything else. Paige Martin, featured in the DVD Stitch This Book: Long, link, and Coptic Binding for Beginners and Beyond, discusses basic tools needed for making books in this handy show-and-tell.

Bookbinding supplies | Paige Martin,
Learn more in the video workshop Stitch This Book: Long, link, and Coptic Binding for Beginners and Beyond

Essential Bookbinding Tools for Beginners and Beyond by Paige Martin

One of the biggest hurdles when starting a new craft is having the right tools. Bookbinding especially has a mystique of needing special tools and materials. Here’s what you’ll want to have on hand for binding books at home.

From top to bottom, left to right, here are the tools shown above:

1. Beeswax You have probably seen waxed linen thread written here and there, but what if you want to use thread that is unwaxed? Run unwaxed thread through beeswax to make your own waxed thread!

2. Large-eyed needles I like to buy tapestry needles, but there are many bookbinding needles available. I recommend having plenty of straight and curved needles.

3. Glue brush I didn’t put a bottle of PVA glue in this photo, but when using glue it is best to pour some into a smaller container and use a glue brush to apply the glue to your work. Continue reading at…

Paige shares fun and easy bookbinding tutorials in Stitch This Book. Pair it with two more great DVDs offering creative tips: Backgrounds to Bindings: Beautifully Easy Handmade Books and Art Journals and Erin Zamrzla’s Upcycled Fabric Books. Click the links to learn more and add them to your cart–for a limited time, you can get three DVDs or video downloads for only $40. Mix and match, and stock up while they’re on sale.

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