Experimenting with Tim Holtz Distress Stains: Art Lessons Vol. 11 with Jane Davenport

Art Lessons 2014 Vol. 11




Now, I am sure many of you have some Distress Inks and Stains, like the dauber bottle stains, markers, stamp pads, mini stamp pads, etc. at your work station. But the November Art Lesson with Jane Davenport offers tons of ways to use and manipulate those stains in new ways. So, want to use all those supplies you keep buying? Check out this Art Lesson! After we put the lesson together I was itching to give these a real college try!









Even though I have played with these stains, I am ashamed to admit I have never really worked with them. I haven’t set out to complete a real piece using them, which is a very different experience. I think it is easy to think you know a product until you really roll up your sleeves and work with it.








First, I didn’t have an ink palette or porcelain dishes like Jane has in her Art Lesson, but I found a regular Ranger craft sheet worked perfectly! (left)















I really found these inks and stains interesting to work with, and sometimes frustrating. Luckily, Jane’s Art Lesson explains the characteristics of the inks and stains and how to best wrangle them. Layering is a little different than what I am used to, but their bright colors and blending abilities made me keep working with them.




I tried stamping and painting with the inks, and I decided to add a little crispness to the drawing with a Distress Marker. (right) Do you use Distress Inks and Stains? Whether you have used them before or are looking for new ways to play with these unique tools, check out the November Art Lesson!


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