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I'm happy to share with you Exploring Encaustics: 4 Free Encaustic Art and Painting Techniques, a free, downloadable eBook. Our team has pulled together four articles by some of our favorite encaustics experts for you. Whether you're curious about how to paint with encaustics or you're comfortable with them and simply want some fresh inspiration, you've come to the right place. Each of the featured artists gives you a basic encaustic process and then a more complex technique for taking your art further. Browse the entire download before you begin, as you'll find helpful hints for the beginning encaustic artist throughout.

Encaustic Art by Patricia Gaignat, featured in Exploring Encaustics:
4 Free Encaustic Art and Painting Techniques

First you'll discover "Encaustic on the Cheap: Building Up Layers," in which Michelle Belto tells you how to use materials that are likely already in your art stash to experiment with encaustic painting. In this demo, you'll start your piece with an underpainting and then add texture and dimension to the artwork.

Once you've warmed up to the basic process of using encaustics, read Kimberly Lambert Gibson's article, "Encaustic Release Technique: Creating Shapes in Wax." Here she walks you through the steps of preparing your substrate, creating a template, and then painting the shape you've created.

In "Encaustic Collage, A Medium for Journalistic Musings," Patricia Seggebruch shows how to use encaustic collage to tell a story. In this piece, she describes how to choose, arrange, and fuse the paper layers; embed objects; make an image transfer on the wax; and add lines of color with pigment sticks.

In "Multi-layered Wax Backgrounds: Tips for Using a Stylus with Encaustic Paints," Pat Gaignat starts with an overview of encaustic technique, including how to heat the wax, fuse the surface to meld the layers, and the all-important safety tips. Then she delves into how the stylus works, choosing the right surface to paint on, creating backgrounds, collaging, combining collages and backgrounds, and how to use your backgrounds.

As always, thank you for taking the time to develop your artistic knowledge and skill with Cloth Paper Scissors. Enjoy Exploring Encaustics: 4 Free Encaustic Art and Painting Techniques, and share your resulting art with us!

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