Explore Mixed-Media Art Techniques with a New Free eBook

What is mixed media? At its essence, mixed-media art is about using more than one medium in a piece of art. Beyond that requirement, mixed-media art techniques are boundless.

To give you an idea of the range, we've assembled five different mixed-media artists with five different approaches in Exploring Mixed-Media Techniques: 5 Free Mixed-Media Art Techniques and Projects, a new eBook.

Whether you like to work on paper, canvas, or fabric, these ideas will get you started. Use any or all of these art techniques to jumpstart a day of creativity or work them into your own private day of experimentation.

Diana Trout explores color, stitching on paper, and journaling together for a mixed-media approach to the color wheel in the Color Wheel Journal Quilt.

Roxanne Evans Stout's unique mixed-media painting and collage pieces use watercolors and ink, fabric, vintage papers, and hand-stitching. A Study in Color & Texture shows you how to include these mixed-media techniques and materials in your own art.

mixed media art by roxanne evans stout
Mixed-media art by Roxanne Evans Stout.

In The Workshop: Get Your Stencil On, Linda Blinn takes a sophisticated graffiti approach to mixed-media art. With new spray paint products and hand-cut stencils and masks, she shows how you can make textured backgrounds and completed mixed-media art projects.

Leilani Pierson has a mixed-media art project you can roll up and take with you: Pocket Scrolls. Leilani gathers ephemera, images, and dreams as she travels, recording them in a mixed-media art journal with water-soluble crayons, hand stitching, and collage.

Finally, June Pfaff Daley uses scissors as a substrate for mixed-media techniques. In Running with Scissors, June shows you how to transform these essential mixed-media tools into works of art using fiber and paint–and you can still use them afterward.

mixed media painting ideas
Diana Trout shows you mixed-media
painting techniques.

Whether you like to stencil it, sketch it, or paint it, Exploring Mixed-Media Techniques: 5 Free Mixed-Media Art Techniques and Projects contains mixed-media ideas you can start using today to kick off a creative spell of mixed-media art making.

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