More Results From Our Mixed-Media Apron Reader Challenge

Inspired by the unique aprons created by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer (Cloth Paper Scissors, May/June 2015) and Kari McKnight Holbrook (Zen Doodle Workshop, Summer 2015) we invited our readers to design their own mixed-media aprons. We received so many aprons we loved (and would be thrilled to wear), we couldn’t fit them all in the July/August issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.

Click here to see more of the wonderful aprons from our challenge.

Fabric art at

As seen in Cloth Paper Scissors (July/August 2016)

Above, left: Penny Bennington • Litchfield, ME

“I used acrylic paint, India ink with a dip pen, a carbon ink pen, a white Sharpie® marker, a Stabilo® All pencil, a hand-cut stencil, and several found objects as stamps.”

Above, right: Rosene Anderson • Rockford, IL

“I painted the bird with acrylic paint on a canvas-type apron. The embroidery threads reminded me of paint drips. The thistle puffs are made with thread, and I added an embellishment for the seed.”


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