Fabric Art that Makes You Say, ‘Woof!’

pet projects fabric art
'Colorful Cat'

cate pratoA couple of months ago I posted tips on how to photograph your pet, based on advice by fabric artist Faith Cleary who works from photos of animals.

At the end of the piece, I asked you to post pictures of your own pets or pet art on our Facebook page. Based on the response, I'd say a lot of you like to make art for and about your pets and other favorite animals.

I thought I'd return the favor today and share the photos of some of the artwork with the class, so to speak.

Elizabeth Thorsen posted this picture of a collage called "Colorful Cat. "This collage measure 9-1/2 x 11-1/2 and is made with my hand-painted paper, PanPastels, and Golden Interference paint on PastelMat Paper," she says.

pet projects fabric art

Gina Lee Kim lets her pet rats snuggle on her shoulder while she makes art. I wonder if they were jealous when she was creating this mixed-media portrait of "Mitzy." It was done on sticky-back canvas with a sewn background of origami papers.

pet projects fabric art

Blackberry is Sara Lukens' cute little Boston Terrier, rendered in felt. "I followed her around for hours, with felting tools in hand, to capture her essence. And since she thrives on being adored, she didn't mind a bit!" Sara says.

Those are just a few of the witty and adorable pieces of artwork based on animals that people shared.

Animals are so much part of our lives, it only makes sense for them to be part of our art. Whether you like to create art about animals or you like to make art for your pets, you can get 10 projects in one place by downloading our newest eBook, 10 Pet Projects: Fabric Art to Make for and About Animals.

I highly recommend it for any animal lover who likes to create fabric art, and not just because my cute pooch is on the cover!


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