Forecast: Mixed-Media Basics, with a Twist

cate pratoMy teen has just finished 8th grade, but we’re already planning for next fall when she enters high school. While it’s fresh in her mind, I want to review how she might improve some of her study skills. 

We’ve also been talking about how much more fun high school will be than middle school, because there are more choices for classes and extracurricular activities.

glass and paper collage
Glass and paper collage technique
by Rebecca Collins.

I explained that high school covers the basics, but with more interesting twists and inclusions. It’s more of a challenge, but it’s more fun.

Sort of like what the Cloth Paper Scissors team has planned for the September/October issue. We’re taking basic mixed-media, collage, and paper making techniques and giving them a kicked-up twist.

Take paper making. In Personalized Papermaking, artist Paula Guhin will show how to add custom colors, texture, and more to your papers, using inclusions like gauze, fishnet, bamboo skewers, and dried flowers.

Or how about collage? Rebecca Collins will demonstrate how to incorporate glass with paper to make a mosaic style mixed-media collage.

reduction printmaking
Reduction printing by Lisa Thorpe.

Have you heard of reduction printing? It’s a stamp carving technique where you carve a little, print, carve a little more, print the next color, and so on. Confused? You won’t be after Lisa Thorpe explains how it works.

Plus, we’ll have the results of our Wild Wire reader challenge. You know that one will have a twist.

All the details of our new challenge, Carve it Up, a call to carve a stamp out of anything: eraser, potato, linoleum, etc., will be in the September/October issue, too. 

You won’t want to miss it, and the only way to be sure to get your copy is to subscribe to Cloth Paper Scissors today.





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