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What does an artist fear most? Well, I can’t speak for everyone but for myself it’s the blank page partnered with the lack of idea. (Add on a deadline and I’m FROZEN!) What do I do? I look for a prompt or a creative challenge. It’s a little like playing charades with yourself though so I thought I’d have a little fun and give you a list of 14 art prompts to get you through a slew of blank canvas freeze-ups! (That’s enough for 2 whole weeks of inspiration!) I’ve pulled these ideas from past, current and future issues of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine—a great place to feed your art muse.

14 Days of Art Prompts    
1. Be inspired by your breakfast: Use the colors from your cereal box to start your next piece.

2. Use a mirror: Place a mirror on your work surface and make a painting by looking into the mirror.

3. Draw without looking: Draw a still life in a journal with your eyes closed.

4. Make a book: Google book binding and try a new binding technique.

5. Add glitter to something: Try German glitter glass or cut glass glitter for a vintage look.

6. Create a Packing Tape Transfer: Place a piece of packing tape over a photocopy image and rub off the paper backing with a wet sponge.

7. Use old supplies: Use a supply in your studio that you haven’t used in at least 6 months.

Tags by P. Gaignat
  8. Make a stencil: Take a picture of your favorite pet (or person) in profile and make a silhouette stencil.

9. Tear it up: Grab an old book and tear it up. See what you can build/cover/create with the pieces.

Art by L. Brier

10. Fold it up: Try a piece of origami, search on-line for directions. Try it with vintage sheet music or even fabric paper.

11. Go opposite: Use the colors on opposite side of the color wheel from your go-to pallette.

12. Work big: Grab a piece of paper at least twice as big as you usually work and stretch yourself.

13. Work small: Sharpen your pencils and grab your .005 Pigma Micron pens and magnifying glass and work small.

14. Carve it out: Take a moment to make an artist stamp by carving an eraser with a craft knife.


Have your own prompt ideas? Well, we’d love for you to share. We’d love it so much we’re going to be rewarding one lucky commenter! Leave your prompt here on the blog by September 29th and we’ll pick one lucky winner to receive a box full of products featured on the pages of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.



UPDATE: Congratulations to BackporchArtessa who won the "box-o-products" for her comment! Send your address to me at and we'll get your prize right out to you!




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