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An art journal is a record of our lives and our creativity. It can be a personal journal that is meant for our own eyes, a travel journal that celebrates a real or imagined journey, or a collection of visual journaling "snapshots" that help us explore techniques and grow as an artist.

art journal ideasIn our free eBook Art Journal ideas: 5 Art Journaling Techniques from CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS®, experienced artists give you their approaches to handmade journals, each one including art journal ideas that you can learn from and make your own.

Lynn Whipple takes a 3-D approach to personalized journal making with her standing "home journals" that incorporate old photos, memorabilia, collage, and sewing in "If These Walls Could Talk."

Violette Clark shows how to follow your muse to custom journals using colorful drawings, collage, and embellishments in "The Ubiquitous Muse of Visual Journaling."

whipple art journalIn "A Year Captured in Fabric," Tracie Lynn Huskamp brings textiles, trims, and photo transfers into the art journal mix to record an entire year, one week at a time. Sharon Tomlinson mixed paint with paper napkin imagery to create garden-themed art journals in "A Paper Napkin Garden Journal," exploring her love for two passions–flower-growing and art–simultaneously.

bartholomew art journalFinally, Sandy Steen Bartholomew shows how to "Add Pattern to Journals with Zentangles and Transfers." Sandy says Zentangles are a great way to get over your fear of the blank page. She combines her drawings and photo transfers to make personalized journals that will bring a smile to your face and have you reaching for your pencil to begin.

With the different styles and techniques presented in Art Journal ideas: 5 Art Journaling Techniques from CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS®, you're sure to find a method of creating personal journals, travel journals, and more. All you have to do is download this eBook to your computer–it's easy and free!

P.S. Do you have friends who are interested in creating art journals? Forward this link to them so they can download their own free copy of Art Journal ideas: 5 Art Journaling Techniques from CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS® now.


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