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Cinnamon + sugar = cinnamon sugar. Seems pretty simple, right? It’s so simple that I refuse to buy the premade jars of it. I make my own by mixing the two ingredients together in an empty spice jar. Recently when my sons noticed we were almost out of the concoction, I made a new batch in two shakes of a lamb’s tail as they busily played, oblivious to my doings. “Where’d you get that?” one of them asked. “I made it,” I told him. He was impressed. Score one for mom.

The beauty of making things ourselves doesn’t end in the kitchen, as you well know. But it wasn’t until I was reading Explore Mixed Media Collage that I discovered you can make your own artist tape, thin paper or cloth tape embellished with designs. Author Kristen Robinson explains: “Artist tapes have become one of the hottest trends in mixed media. While there is a vast selection to choose from, nothing compares with custom artist tape. Creating your own tape can be done with just a few simple products that most of us have on hand, and in just a few minutes.”

Read on for Kristen’s instructions on how to make artist tape in this free lesson.

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How to Make Artist Tape by Kristen Robinson

1. Cut the Tape
Cut at least 3 strips of cotton tape and adhere them to a nonstick craft mat. With a dry paintbrush apply acrylic paint to the tape. Allow to dry.

2. Stamp the Tape
With solvent ink and a stamp of your choice, create a base layer of imagery.

3. Apply a Second Layer
Again with solvent ink, apply a second layer of imagery over the first.

Easy breezy! This lesson is from Explore Mixed Media Collage, which you can order today from the Interweave store.

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