Free Project: Mixed-media Wrap

Design by Lisa Cox.

Headshot What do you take as a hostess gift to the first Art Salon of the year? What if the hostess was a mixed-media artist? How about a recycled-jeans wine tote? I was inspired by this adorable tote in the Fall issue of Quilting Arts Stitch magazine.

Design by Me!

My little girls’ outgrown and hole-in-the-knees jeans are just the right size for these super quick wine holders. It took me longer to plug in the machine than it did to sew the bottom. And as a little bonus gift, I made a little found object tie for the bag that I wrapped around the top (instead of adding the cute handles.) I know the hostess will love taking these little trinkets and treasures off the ribbon and using them in one of her next pieces.

How’d I make it? Here are the steps.

1. Try not to smile when your child comes home with a tear in the knee of their jeans.

2. Measure 16 inches up from the bottom of one leg and cut it off.

3. Turn the cut off piece inside out and sew the bottom together using a straight stitch.

4. Create the base. This is the only complicated part so I have an illustration and the actual bottom picture for you to look at. To give the bag structure you need to box the bottom corners. Fold the bottom of the tote so that the seam you just sewed is at the point of the triangle. Sew perpendicularly across the seem. Repeat on the other side of the bottom seam. See the photos.

illustration of stitch actual stitch


All tied up!

5. Tie it up. I used a length of really cool linen paper yarn and tied found objects like keys and old pipe at regular intervals. When I had a long enough strand, I wound it around the top of the bag (with the bottle inside) and tied it in a bow.

Is your friend a painter? Try using little strips of colorful (and repurposed) painters rags as a triple tie.

If you’re like me, you’ll never look at a grass-stained pair of pants the same way, ever again. Bring it on!




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