Free tutorial videos from Kristen Robinson!

Looking at Kristen Robinson's artwork makes me want to drop everything and run to my studio to create something, using her techniques. Her work is elegant, playful, enthralling, and I feel happy every time I look at it. Lucky you–Kristen's four new videos are filled with techniques that you can use to make your own amazing artwork: Sewn Collage Classroom: 15 Techniques for Paper & Fabric, Tear, Glue, Paint Draw: 16 Techniques for Creating Collage Art, Upcycled Art Journaling: Layered and Tattered Techniques, and Assemblage Workshop: Techniques for Using Paperclay and Plaster.

To get you going on projects even faster, we've bundled these four videos along with some must-have items in Kristen's Assemblage Workshop Kit. The kit includes Kristen's book, Explore Mixed Media Collage, her Art Lesson, and two very special items: a hand molded bird, and a stencil custom designed for this kit.

Kristen made 100 of these birds herself, by hand, just for this kit, and when they're gone, they're gone. She wanted you to have something very special, and we're so grateful that she offered to make them. Kristen's wonderfulness doesn't end there: She also filmed two tutorial videos with brand new projects, showing how you can use the bird on a collaged journal cover, and how to incorporate the stencil on a journal page. Come on, who does that? Kristen, that's who. Click here to watch both videos and order a kit for yourself. 


Don't delay getting the kit–these are limited! When you watch the videos you'll be inspired to create something special. In fact, get two kits and give one to your favorite creative friend.

Show us what you made with the kit by posting your photos in our online gallery. We'd love to see your creations! ~ Jeannine



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